Bathroom odors can be the worst. In addition to being unpleasant, they can also make your bathroom unusable. If you’re looking for a fix for this problem then it’s time to learn how to eliminate bathroom odors using charcoal air purifying bags!

These small and inexpensive bags are an excellent solution that will get rid of all those nasty smells that come with using the bathroom.

The best thing about using charcoal air purifying bags is you don’t have to worry about them damaging any surfaces or making things worse because they are 100% natural and non-toxic. The bags are also environmentally safe, which is a great bonus!


What are charcoal air purifying bags and how do they work


The working mechanism of charcoal air purifying bags is odor removal through absorption. The bags absorb odor molecules produced by normal use of the bathroom as well as those produced by unwanted things like clogged toilets and drains, as well as mold and mildew.


These bags contain activated charcoal which is an excellent natural odor absorber. You may be wondering, what is activated charcoal?


Activated charcoal is a form of carbon used to absorb odors in our homes. It is often found in things like home air purifiers or litter boxes for kitty cats.


Activated charcoal is an amazing material because it’s porous, which means that the more you expose it to air or water, the better it works.


It is produced when carbon-rich materials such as coconut shells, peat, and wood are heated at extremely high temperatures. These conditions strip the materials of all elements they may have absorbed in their lifetime.


The process also causes small carbon chains to bond together into large sheets, creating tiny pores.


It is these tiny pores (around a million per square inch) that give activated charcoal the microporosity needed to trap toxins, chemicals, and odors from water and air, and even our skin.


Simply put, the activated charcoal in air purifying bags turns them into porous bags capable of trapping odors, moisture, chemicals, and toxins.


The charcoal air purifying bags also have activated carbon granules on their surface, which adsorb bad odors from substances like urine, feces, smoke, and mold spores too making your bathroom smell fresher!


When the odor molecules attach themselves to these particles they become heavier than clean air molecules so they sink down through every layer until finally getting completely removed by the outside air.


Another thing about these charcoal air purifying bags is that there’s no unpleasant odor – only freshness! That means you don’t have to worry about your bathroom smelling like chemicals or having an awful smell around your home anymore because these fix everything…so now what could be better?

How to eliminate bathroom odors using charcoal air purifying bags


The easiest way to fix those pesky odors is by putting a charcoal air purifying bag in a convenient location in your bathroom. You can hang them from any hooks as many purifying bags come fitted with a small hole or rope at the top.


If you’re wondering where to place the bags around your bathroom, consider the following locations:

  • At the bottom of the bathroom trash can. Make sure to use a bin liner though! This works perfectly if you use your bathroom trash can for soiled diapers.
  • Under the sink
  • Near or on the inside of your bathroom door to trap odors before they escape to other rooms.
  • On top of or inside bathroom shelves and cabinets.
  • Around sinks, showers, tubs, and other fixtures. Smells from drains will never be a problem again!
  • Next to the laundry area (if inside your bathroom) where potential odors may arise.
  • Near any smelly items such as litter boxes or gym bags placed in the bathroom.
  • On top of the toilet tank to trap toilet odors before they have the chance to rise.

Placing a purifier bag on your toilet tank will also absorb unwanted smells from sewage gases that rise up through toilets during flushing.

What to look out for when picking air purifying bags


It is important to note that not all of them are created equal – some brands may be more expensive but work better than others.


The best way to figure out which ones would suit your needs is by reading reviews and doing some research on what others have found helpful before making a purchase decision yourself.


You should also consider the square footage of your bathroom before picking an air purifying bag.

Odor removal area for charcoal air purifying bags


A lot of manufacturers provide clear information on how much coverage a single bag will cover. It’s usually advertised as the “odor removal area” and is often measured in square feet.


And if you’re unsure about how many squares or cubic feet each size bag can cover, read through the packaging for an idea of how many bags you’ll need for your space.


For example, the packaging on the last air purifying bag I purchased had the following information, “each 16 oz bag covers approximately 160 sq ft”. This meant I needed 2 bags for our master bathroom which is around 300 sq ft.


If you’re using more than one bag to eliminate odor in your bathroom, be sure to space them. You could place a bag on opposite sides of the room.


You should note that the odor removal process takes time, so you might want to start using the bags as soon as possible for the best results.


Benefits of using the charcoal air purifying bags


As mentioned before, these charcoal air purifying bags are a 100% natural fix for your bathroom odors. They’re also environmentally safe because they don’t contain any harmful chemicals or substances that could harm you or anyone else in your home (or outside).


In addition to this, there’s no unpleasant smell from them which is always great if you have family members with sensitive noses like children or people with allergies.


Essentially, these little guys will get rid of all those awful smells without ruining anything!


Another benefit to using these disposable powdery packets is that they cost next to nothing – just around $1-5 each! That’s a fraction of the cost for most other odor-eliminating items, which means you can afford to fix your smelly problems as many times as needed without breaking the bank.


Furthermore, using air purifying bags to eliminate bathroom odors will effectively prevent bathroom smells from escaping to other rooms in your home by trapping them from inside your bathroom.

Bonus Tip for odor elimination:


Airing out your bathroom can also help get rid of any other unpleasant smells, such as humidity or dampness. Open windows to let in some fresh air, turn on fans, put a potpourri burner in or near your bathroom (this can also ward off insects), or hang up dryer sheets nearby, which will give off pleasant scents.

FAQs about Charcoal Air Purifying Bags


How often should you replace air purifying bags?

The standard timeline for using charcoal air purifying bags is 24 months. The microporosity of activated charcoal starts getting depleted around the two-year mark from all the buildup of absorbed odors, moisture, toxins, and chemicals. Charcoal air purifying bags become less effective as this buildup causes residue traces to clog the pores.

Can I use charcoal air purifying bags in a windowless bathroom?

Yes. While activated charcoal needs air circulation to work best, you can achieve airflow in a windowless bathroom by using an exhaust fan or ventilation fan. This will air out your bathroom and help the purifying bags work optimally.

What should I do if my bathroom continues to smell despite using air purifying bags?

If the fix does not seem to be working after a couple of days, it may indicate that there is an underlying problem in your bathroom. You should consider consulting a plumber to get to the root of your smelly bathroom problem.

What’s the difference between charcoal air purifying bags and an activated carbon filter?

While both items use a carbon-based purification method, charcoal bags only need to be replaced when they are saturated with odors, whereas a carbon filter should always be changed regularly. This is because carbon filters have less surface area compared to charcoal purification bags, resulting in more residue buildup in their surfaces.

Why do charcoal air purifying bags work so well against smelly bathrooms?

The natural carbon in the charcoal is what does most of the work and removes bacteria from the air, which naturally neutralizes odors. Now you have all the power of natural carbon with no chemicals, so go ahead and take advantage of this home fix today!

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, there are some unavoidable odors that come with using the bathroom. The best thing about using charcoal air purifying bags to eliminate bathroom odors is they fix everything – permanently! thanks to their highly porous nature.

Plus you’ll never smell anything from them since they’re a 100% natural fix for your bathroom odors!

Even though charcoal air purifying bags are small and lightweight, their powerful odor-trapping abilities will do wonders for anyone encountering bathroom odors and needs help with eliminating them.


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