Welcome to the future! I’m talking about smart mirrors, of course.

Smart mirrors are just what they sound like: mirrors that are smart. They’re one of the most innovative and interesting pieces of technology you could own right now. This article covers what smart mirrors are, what distinguishes them from conventional mirrors and why you need one.

These modern mirrors are more than just a way to check your appearance before you head out the door.

The mirror can actually provide you with a range of information – from the weather to your appointments for the day.

Sound too futuristic? It’s not. Smart mirrors are already in the market, and gaining popularity. If you’re looking for an innovative way to update your home, a smart mirror may be right for you.

Here is what you need to know before you buy a smart mirror:

What is a smart mirror: Differences Between Conventional Mirror and Smart Mirror

When you’re done getting dressed, what are you most likely going to do? Look in the mirror to confirm you actually look your best, right?

But wouldn’t it be great if your mirror could do more than only display your appearance?

The traditional mirror uses a simple working principle. It is fitted with a glass sheet connected to a thin metallic layer (made from either aluminum or silver nitrate).

The non-transparent layer doesn’t allow light to pass through it, thereby reflecting your image.

On the other hand, smart mirrors consist of a digital display, computer, and two-way mirror, like those found in police interrogation rooms.

The digital display is embedded behind the mirror. The metallic layer in conventional mirrors is replaced by a two-way mirror that allows light to pass through one side to view whatever is on the display.

A computer connects to the digital display via Bluetooth or WiFi. In turn, this enables the mirror to display information from the Internet.

Some smart mirrors use special processing technologies to produce touchscreen displays. Such mirrors are understandably pricier compared to those without touchscreen capabilities.

Conversely, smart mirrors without touchscreen capabilities use either transparent two-way mirrors or mirroring foil to produce a reflective surface.

These nifty mirrors are fitted with a sleek and inconspicuous icon panel for powering on and off and accessing the different features.

Why You NEED a Smart Mirror in Your Bathroom

Granted, smart mirrors aren’t the only way to check your appearance, but they do have some great benefits over traditional mirrors.

They are packed with cool features that make mundane tasks like oral care, shaving, makeup application much easier as they provide different magnification and lighting options to suit your needs.

In addition to reading what you need to know about your appearance, the smart mirror can also display things like weather forecasts, traffic and social media updates, news, and date and time.

Most smart mirrors have inbuilt LED lights around their edges whose warmth and color can be adjusted as desired.

Some have dimmable lights with options for cool light that is great for makeup and warm light that is softer and preferable for winding down before getting into bed.

Additionally, many smart mirrors have defogging features that clear mirror steam within seconds, saving you the hustle of wiping down your mirror after showering.

Motion sensors in some smart mirrors instantly turn on the LED lights when someone walks into the bathroom, lighting up the whole space.

Advanced models of smart mirrors have inbuilt speakers and TV and come fitted with features like Spotify and Alexa for voice command. Simply connect your phone via Bluetooth to play also allow you to play your favorite tunes.

Even more advanced versions offer additional features such as fitness and skincare solutions.

The Most Advanced Smart Mirrors in the Market Today

In principle, all smart mirrors are ground-breaking. However, developers are continually pushing the envelope in highly innovative ways.

Here are some highly advanced smart mirrors:

  • Fitness Smart Mirrors

    These groundbreaking inventions transform a mirror into a home gym using inventive camera technology.

    Fitness mirrors use AI technology that generates 3D simulations of your body and mimic your movements as you work out.

    These mirrors allow you to interact with others while working out and provide real-time feedback on your workouts and goals.

    Click here to check out the Pro-Form Vue, one of the most innovative fitness mirrors in the market.
  • Beauty Smart Mirrors

    These smart mirrors use advanced skin-analyzing algorithms to provide personalized skincare information. This type of smart mirror also helps keep track of skincare routines.

    Click here to check out the Keonjinn Bathroom Makeup Mirror, a fan-favorite in the smart mirror industry.
  • Photo-taking Smart Mirrors

    Smart mirrors with photo-taking capabilities do more than take photos.

    These smart devices also enable you to connect with friends on social media. You can also use the mirror to make or take voice and video calls.

    The aptly named SELFIE (Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine) Mirror is a great example of a photo-taking smart mirror.
    There is a special sign on the floor before the mirror that shows you where to stand or sit so the camera can capture the perfect picture.

Things to Consider for When Buying a Smart Mirror


  1. Features

    Smart mirrors are designed to offer multiple features, including adjustable lighting, time and date display and traffic, news, and social media updates.

    Advanced versions also offer fitness and skincare solutions. Depending on your specific needs, there are extensive options available in the market.

    In addition to the technological features, some smart mirrors come fitted with storage cabinets behind the glass where you can conveniently store everyday items like medicine and makeup.
  2. Design, fit and finish

    The mirror’s fit and finish are key factors in determining whether a mirror will fit in your home.

    When choosing a mirror, you’ll want to consider the materials used, the frame, the reflective surface, and the mirror’s appearance.

    The materials will all impact how comfortable you feel in front of the mirror. Look for mirrors that are resistant to scratching, fingerprinting, and UV damage.

    Additionally, you have the choice of a frameless or framed smart mirror. The computer and display in frameless smart mirrors are sunken into the wall to give the appearance of a conventional mirror but with a much sleeker modern feel.
  3. Safety

    You’ll also want to consider the mirror’s safety features. Smart mirrors require electricity to function, otherwise, they’ll be no different from the traditional mirror.

    While water and electricity are great on their own, together, they make for explosive companions.

    As with any electrical appliance, especially those that come into contact with water, safety is paramount. Splashproof and waterproof smart mirrors are ideal for use in the bathroom.

    You may also want to get a bathroom smart mirror with antifog capabilities as they clear out steam within seconds.
  4. Warranty and Guarantee

    You want to buy a product that lasts and if something happened, you want your smart mirror to be repaired, replaced, or get your money back.

    Smart mirrors aren’t cheap. You’ll want to safeguard your investment. Look out for a smart mirror with at least one year guarantee, as well as 2 years warranty.
  5. Mounting

    Some smart mirrors are freestanding while others can be mounted on a wall. Generally, wall-mounting makes them much easier and safer to use as you don’t run the risk of knocking the mirror over or bumping into it.

    One thing to note is they can be heavy, and if they’re mounted on a wall, they can tilt. You’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter to prevent this.

How Much Does a Smart Mirror Cost?


The changes that bring about the most noticeable difference typically come with hefty price tags in home improvement.

As you can probably guess, smart mirrors are relatively pricey compared to traditional mirrors.

The best for the money smart mirrors range between $100-500. Smart mirrors with more advanced features like touchscreen, built-in speakers, and anti-fog capabilities can cost between $600-1000.

Those fitted with even more advanced features fitness and home gym options cost between $1,000-2,000.

Essentially, the price of a smart mirror depends largely on its features, size, and design.

A two-way glass, digital display, and computer combine to create a smart mirror. Installing a smart mirror in your bathroom will transform your space, livening up even the blandest bathroom.

In addition, a smart mirror gives you real-time information such as news, traffic, and social media updates as you get ready for work.

Would you like a mirror that reads the news to you and gives you a weather and traffic forecast while you prepare to step out? A smart mirror will do just this while giving you the perfect illumination and adding an extra layer of luxury to your bathroom.

Final Thoughts

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