The bidet is an interesting invention. It’s pretty much a seat that sprays water at your bottom to clean it after you use the bathroom.

People often wonder, who can use the bidet, specifically, can men use the bidet? Definitely yes! The use of a bidet is strongly encouraged for every person, regardless of gender. It’s even necessary for certain cultures where it’s considered to be an essential part of personal hygiene.

You might have heard the saying “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Since ancient times, people have believed that cleanliness contributes to good health and a better life.

Cleaning oneself with water or a wet cloth is one of the most common forms of personal hygiene. In the 18th and 19th centuries, a new form of cleaning emerged: the bidet.

These small toilet-like fixtures are fitted into bathrooms for washing the genitals after urination or defecation. The bidet has remained popular in Europe and Asia but in North America, its use has been limited to certain high-end hotels or private homes.

Suddenly, after years of relative obscurity, the bidet has become the object of attention for many Americans.

However, there are two common misconceptions about these devices: 1) They were invented only for women, and 2) Men can’t use them! This blog post will explore both of those assumptions so we can clear up any confusion once and for all.

After all, who’s to say that men can’t use them?

Misconception 1: Bidets were invented only for women

Bidets came into common use primarily because of their ability to provide cleanliness after using the restroom. They were was one of the first hygienic devices used for feminine hygiene before modern sanitary pads came about.

However, this doesn’t mean that only females are allowed to use them; there’s no law against men using the bidet.

Many people believe that bidets were made for women. The truth is, they are not just for women! Bidets can be used by anyone who wants to freshen up after using the restroom or take care of personal hygiene needs.

The thorough cleaning provided by a bidet can be enjoyed by anyone with a nether region, irrespective of sex.

Misconception 2: Men Can’t Use a Bidet

Men not only can use but should use a bidet! The bidet is great for hygienic purposes for both men and women.

It was traditionally assumed that only women could use bidets because they have more of a concern with personal hygiene than men do, but this is not true. In reality, males are also concerned about personal hygiene and can enjoy the hygienic benefits of bidet use as females do.

Anyone; whether male or female can clean their urination areas with water after peeing. It’s not because they need to kill germs or anything like that!

Rather, it’s just a hygiene issue since urine leaves behind ammonia which may cause irritation.

Another reason why men can and should use the bidet is that this wonder fixture is instrumental in preventing and controlling jock itch. This fungal infection that affects more men than women warm is found in moist areas of the body, including the groin area.

One of the management strategies includes cleaning the affected area and keeping it dry. This is where the bidet comes in. It might not be practical to shower a couple of times a day, but it is possible to clean the groin area as many times per day as desired – by using a bidet.

Final Thoughts

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